Debian logos for Ericsson T65, T68i and Nokia color models

Here's some Debian logos I converted for myself since I wanted to have a Debian logo on my phone. :) Images are in gif format (sorry) because I used SonyEricsson wap site to get the images to the phone. (I didn't have any wbmp image converters at the time.:) Logos are 2-bit greyscale as T65 can display them. Since I don't have T68i or similar with color display, I didn't bother to make color versions... :)

Please, help yourself. :) Click on images to download.

This is the image I use now.

The old image, which didn't look so nice because it's too small.

UPDATE [24.7.2002]

Karl Erik Øyøygard kindly contributed with a T68i color version of the swirl, very nice. I wish I had color display too! :)

UPDATE [18.11.2003]

I recently switched my phone to Nokia 3200 and modified the Debian logo a bit for the 128x128 screen so that the battery and radio coverage bars show and also the button texts (Debian text should be perhaps a bit higher still). Just aim you browser to the image and load. :)

Henrik Härkönen <radix at>